Creates a pipeline validation action that validates the content of a string or array.

const Validation = excludes<TInput, TRequirement>(requirement, message);


  • TInput extends string | any[]
  • TRequirement extends TInput[number] extends any[] ? TInput[number] : TInput



With excludes you can validate the content of a string or array. If the input does not match the requirement, you can use message to customize the error message.



The following examples show how excludes can be used.

String schema

Schema to validate that a string does not contain a specific substring.

const StringSchema = string([
  excludes('foo', 'The string must not contain "foo".'),

Array schema

Schema to validate that an array does not contain a specific string.

const ArraySchema = array(string(), [
  excludes('foo', 'The array must not contain "foo".'),

The following APIs can be combined with excludes.



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