Coerces the input of a schema to match the required type.

const Schema = coerce<TSchema>(schema, action);



  • schema TSchema
  • action (input: unknown) => unknown


coerce can be used to transform an input before it is validated. The function of the action argument is executed at the very beginning of the process, before any other validation is performed. It is therefore perfect for enforcing a specific data type using the built-in data type objects like Boolean, String, Number and Date.

To transform the input at the very end of the process, after all other validations have been performed, use the transform method.


  • Schema TSchema


The following examples show how coerce can be used.

Coerce string input

Schema that coerces a string input.

const StringSchema = coerce(string(), String);

Coerce date input

Schema that coerces a date input.

const DateSchema = coerce(date(), (input) => new Date(input));

The following APIs can be combined with coerce.




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